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This series of e-courses, videos, blogs and other information will help you start the recovery process and will help bring a quick end to the torment, the night terrors, the triggers and many of the physical symptoms you have been experiencing as a result of trauma, whether it's event based or has been a life-style. We know the recovery process has been hard, but it is not time to pick up the pace.

There are current Two Levels planned for this E-course series, each will cover a specific aspect of the effects of trauma and include an opportunity to be prayed for personally.

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We also provide a series of e-courses to help you learn to minister to the spiritual aspects of trauma, which help provide survivors with a rapid recovery process from many of the spiritual and emotional effects of PTSD. You will also learn several tool to help individual discover or recover their lost personal identity, as well as assist individuals is walking through the painful difficulties of life, including many of the shortcuts we have learned in the 30 plus years of doing inner healing, deliverance and personal discipleship.

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We offer one, two and three day private Intensive personal ministry sessions.

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